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It’s time to get conscious about taking targeted action, to breakthrough to the next level and to drastically improve your life.  Through trusted coaching and a dedicated practice of holism; aligning your body, mind, and spirit let’s begin the journey to Become Your Greatest Self!

Where You Are

You have an intense desire to step into the person you know that you were meant to be, to live the lifestyle that you truly desire, to make your mark, to Become Your Greatest Self! 

The problem is that you are not quite sure of who exactly that is right now. This is because you are stressed about the pressures of daily life, you have been living by default, according to the needs and desires of others and their circumstances. Perhaps, you feel numb, blocked or stuck because of an M-LO [Major-Life Obstacle] that you just can’t seem to put behind you. It is possible that you are having a difficult time filling an unattributable void, uncovering, identifying and seeing your true self for who and what you truly desire to be. You want to know where or how you fit in your current relationships or question your place within the grand scheme of things as a whole.

Whatever the setback, you really want to create anew or to move to the next level but are unsure of what to do, how to do it, or where to even begin the journey.

And I’m so glad you found us! You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a fresh, new way to get clarity, consciousness and the confidence that you need to get that breakthrough feeling of forward motion, to maintain balance, and begin to improve your life.


My name is Carleen Moscati, Founder of Legacy Lifetime, Author, Advocate and your Certified Life Purpose and Holistic Life Coach. I am here to guide you on a holistic journey to a fulfilled life of authentic purpose, greater connection, personal freedom and incredible joy.

I understand that at this juncture, just for a time, you could use some help. Legacy Lifetime and I are here exclusively to serve and to support you through your journey of positive life change into fulfilled living.  We’ve designed and developed a safe and practical space for you to experience conscious self-discovery, to heal, to evolve, to expand and to move forward.

Legacy Lifetime is a resource and a springboard designed to help you navigate transition and change into leading a fulfilling life, while building an amazing Legacy that you love.  We are all on our own journey of self-discovery, development and mastery. We all have different perspectives, preferences and methods of achieving different outcomes. As a result, and many factors considering, what works for one may produce a totally different outcome for another.

Take your time to explore this space, utilizing your own internal guidance to find exactly what you need to reach your goals.  In our community and on our pages you will find guidance  and solutions in the form of coaching, sacred practice, literature, interactive media, workshops, live events, self-study courses to support your physical, mental and spiritual growth and inspirational goods in our Legacy Store to complement your daily life.

Wishing you much success along the way!

Let’s Begin


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